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Our Board Members are very special folks.  They all work hard to make the training sessions, clinics, website, uniforms, etc happen.  The thing to remember is that they all VOLUNTEER their time.  

Not one of our board members is compensated financially in any way for what they do for the club.  

So if you see any of these folks I'm sure they'd love a word of thanks.  

They all do it for the love of triathlon though which is thanks enough.

President / (Co-founder) - Christine Knight /

Christine has been involved with sports since she first started running in 1993.  After completing her first Half Marathon, she decided to join her local running club in England, Burnham Joggers. She rapidly became an active board member, holding several positions at once; Ladies Club Captain, Race Director and Uniform Sales.  As her passion for running and competing developed she looked for more challenging races and discovered Adventure Racing and Triathlon.  Her first Triathlon was the Royal Windsor Triathlon which she completed in a borrowed Tri Suit and Wetsuit, and an old Raleigh Bike. From there she got the bug and can say the rest is history.  Christine re-located to Georgetown, Texas in 2002 and her passion to have a club locally drove her to start the Georgetown Running Club in 2007 and subsequently the Georgetown Triathletes in 2009.

Christine has competed in around the globe as well, more recently the Half Ironman World Championships in Mooloolaba, Australia September 2016, and will also be inducted into the USAT Hall of Fame for the South Mid West Region 2016.

Vice President & Treasurer - Joe Parks /

Joe has always had a love of running beginning with track in high school. Then the running and exercise craze hit and he signed up for the Houston Chronicle 10K in 1979. He continued to run throughout the 80's, racing 5k's, 10k's, half and full Marathons.
Joe became intrigued with Triathlon in the early 90's, but due to living in an area that had limited swimming opportunities he drifted into Duathlon, running and biking until he moved to Georgetown in 2012 taking up swimming at the rec center.  He competed in his first ever Triathlon in April 2013, first Ironman 70.3 in  October 2014 and first full Ironman in May 2016.  While the longer distances are challenging, he prefer the sprints and spending time with his teammates after the race. 

At the end of the day it's who you share the race and life with that is more important than the race.   Joe has been on the GTT Board since May 2013.

Membership - Kat Eggemeyer/

Inspired by her boss/friend in 2002, Kat decided to train for her first event, the 2003 Danskin Sprint Triathlon. 50# down since then, she has enjoyed completing numerous triathlons, duathlons, century/multi-day bicycle rides, 5K's to 1/2 marathons and even the 2016 Hotter'n Hell Hundred Triple Threat!

Kat has a passion for mountain biking, endurance cycling, running, duathlon, CrossFit, gardening and her precious family!

Secretary - LeAnn Randal

LeAnn participated in Danskin triathlons for years alongside her sister, well, actually, several paces behind her! It was great fun, though. The sport captivated her by the spectator and peer support. So, when she was searching for a new social group in 2010, she thought, what about GTT? 

The camaraderie and training support helped her exceed her race goals! The friendships she made are invaluable! 

She is very slowly making her way back into the racing scene, but the group is so uplifting, she will continue one step at a time -- and be HAPPY TO BE HERE!   Plus, she is so pleased to "give back" behind the scenes, too. 

Run Coach - Steph Hahn/

Georgetown Triathletes member since 2012, Steph jumped into triathlon after years of endurance junkie shenanigans out on marathon courses. 

Her fitness priority is life long health and unlimited fun, and there are no better partners in crime than the members of our club. She loves helping contribute to the club through her service on the board as Newsletter Guru and Sometimes Coach. 

Whenever she needs a little extra boost she  turns to her favorite verse, "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31

Cycling Coach - Justin Eggemeyer 

Justin met his wife (Kat Eggemeyer) in a bar in 2006 and they had their  2nd date on a group mountain bike ride. That started a whirlwind romance with endurance sports!  Mountain biking started it and then road riding. They signed up for a duathlon and he gave running a try. The duathlon was so much fun that he looked for more opportunities to challenge himself, like swimming 2 days a week and register for his first triathlon, the CapTexTri. The day before he went to rack his bike and looked at the lake. It was so cold and the buoys seemed so far away. He thought "Am I ready for this?” The next day the triathlon was cancelled due to thunderstorms.  Justin participated at the Temple Triathlon a few months later and that gave him a positive experience.  Closing in on 10 years , he still enjoys the process of triathlon and the lifestyle. He is looking forward to many more years of endurance sports!  

Uniform Coordinator - Amanda Hall Shannon/

Amanda was raised in Georgetown from age 6 and continues to reside here with her husband Todd and two young sons Tommy and Robert. She did her first triathlon in May of 2015 and has been hooked since! 

She absolutely loves the excitement and energy of Race Day. However, she also enjoys the day to day training - running the San Gabriel River Trails, swimming in Lake Georgetown and biking the County Roads! She feels fortunate to have found such a great camaraderie in the Georgetown Triathletes.

Endurance sports can be very solitary at times but she knows there will always be a smiling face or a helpful word of advice from her teammates.

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