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Georgetown Triathletes

  1. Is there a fee to join Georgetown Triathletes?

    Yes and NO

    There is no fee to see parts of our website, calendar, or come to our training meet-ups or other events. 

    Paying Members

    Paying members have access to everything our site & club have to offer.  Discounts on any club merchandise, access to our sponsor discounts, cycling and running routes, USAT club discounts and much more.

    In January of 2011 we will roll out our new membership options for everyone to see.  Please see those detials for more information.

  2. Who is Georgetown Triathletes? Will you train me?

    GeorgetownTriathletes is a non-intimidating group, dedicated to the educationalpursuit of triathlon,  health, general physical fitness, and the representation of the sport of triathlon within the community. The overall goal of the club is to foster the sport of triathlon at all levels, from beginners to seasoned racers.

    Our Goals:

    Promote social camaraderie for all athletes, no matter the level of ability. 

    Offer members the chance to improve and educate themselves on sport issues

    Encourage physical fitness and injury prevention

    Support local venues and business

    We are NOT a group that offers training instruction officially.  Of course we all can learn from eachother and the more experienced athletes are always willing to help newbys.  We are a group of athletes that trains, races and plays togther.  If you are looking for a training group to help you extra some of our sponsors offer this service.  Please see some of our sponsors or coaches for instruction.

    Our organized "meet-ups"  have a "leader".  This is not a person who is necessarily a coach, but is someone who is promised to show up at the designated location, organize the group and has a contact number in case you get lost on the way to meet everyone. You are at all times responsible for your safety.

  3. Liability...Who is responsible for me?

    All who participate in any Georgetown Triathletes Activity are responsible for their own safety/well being.  Participation is voluntary.  Some activities will have releases that you must sign in order to participate. 

  4. Why are meetings/workouts held on certain days/times?

    Meetings and workouts are held on different days and times for multiple reasons.We aim to try to accomodate the most people we can for a good turn out.  Meeting times are also subject to the schedule of the person who has agreed to "lead" a particular workout.  If a certain time or day of the week work for you please let us know. If you always run every Monday morning at 7 and don't mind company just let us know.  You can be the contact person for that particular event.  Not everyone will go the same pace or distance, so once we all meet we split up into groups.  The group leader's responsibility is to make sure no one gets left behind or alone.

  5. What exactly happens at workouts & socials?

    At running and cycling workouts everyone meets at a certain place and time.  Most of the time people will split into groups going a similar distance and/or pace.  No one is ever left behind.  Open water swimming workouts are different in that we have kayak support until everyone is out of the water. Waivers are required for this. Pool swimming workouts are held at the Georgetown Recreation center.  We have a prescribed workout or you can do your own workout.  It's just nice to workout together....sometimes you have questions or concerns about training and it's nice to be able to talk about these things with other triathletes.

    Socials are a time to relax and get to know the other members.  We also usually have one of our sponsors on hand to talk about the service or product that they offer. Our socials in the past have varied from tex-mex, to BBQ to pot luck with open water swims.  You just never know!

  6. I have never done a triathlon. Can I still join? Where do I start?

    YES!!!  A good bit of our membership includes first timers.  Triathlon is a very welcoming sport and we like to be that way as well.  We have all levels in our group and we all work very well together.  We have a very supportive and encouraging environment. 

    If you have any questions about where to start please contact one of our board members and we can get an idea of what you'd like to accomplish and point you in the right direction.  Of course some of our members and sponsors are coaches so let's just say we know the right people. :)

  7. Why do we sometimes ask for volunteers?

    Anyone who has been around the sport of triathlon will tell you that it relies heavily on volunteers.  When you compete in a triathlon almost all of the people working there are volunteers.  We want to volunteer for select races as a team, not only to help the race go smoothly, but some of the things we volunteer at will make a donation to our club.  Our club relies almost soley on donations to support our expenses, so that makes it even more important.  The most important reason to volunteer is to give back to the sport. 

  8. What sort of equipment do I need to do triathlons?

    You can spend almost as much as you want in this sport, but only a few things are actually necessary. Many people use different things and some things that one person can't live without, others don't use.  This is a great forum topic.  I'd include the following in the must have's

    1.  Good shoes made for running...yes you can get them at Academy

    2.  Bicycle and Helmet (yes any bicycle will work) (helmet must be approved, so be careful)  As you get more competitive you'll get more selective.

    3.  Tri suit or Tri short and top (for races) Yes some folks to wear shorts and tshirt so you can do that.

    4.  Water bottle

    That's sort of the down and dirty must have for a race list.  There are of course lots of items for convenience that you'll want.

  9. What if I don't want to join? Can I still donate?

    Yes by all means.  We realize that not everyone is a triathlete, but everyone can be a triathlon supporter!  Just click on the paypal link located on our home page and sponsor us page to donate online, or on the sponsor us page is more information on writing a check or cash donations.

  10. What are the benefits of GTT membership?


    Supportive atmosphere

    Meet other triathletes in the community

    Learn tips from others

    Sponsor Discounts on Merchandise

    Group workout sessions

    Please see the membership section for other details

  11. What is expected of me as a member of Georgetown Triathletes?

    We expect that you treat everyone with the respect and dignity that you would like to be treated with in return. 

    If you have questions about the organization that you address them in an appropriate manner by contacting a board member. 

    We all watch out for each other during training and no one is ever left behind and no woman is ever left alone on any route. 

  12. What sort of activities can I expect in Georgetown Triathletes?

    Track workouts, cycling, swimming, running, planning a swim clinic for 2011, and more open water group practice.  We will alert you of any activities going on in the community that we know of that may be of interest to triathlon.

    Swim, Bike, Run, & Fun!

  13. What exactly is my money going to?

    Website development, maintenance,  and yearly fee

    Tents, banners, bank account maintenance, organized events, USAT yearly fees, insurance, pre ordering for any materials, events.

    No Georgetown Triathletes staff member or member receives any financial benefit from the club.  Every dollar we receive goes to the club.  Our financial records are always open to any interested members.

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