Georgetown Triathletes

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Annual Membership– $50 ($10 for youth) 

Annual Member Benefits:

Subscription to the quarterly USA Triathlon publication USA Triathlon Magazine

Check out the Savings Calculator to see how much you could save by being an annual member of USA Triathlon.

One-Day Memberships- $15 (Adult Only)

One-Day Member Benefits:

  • Excess accident insurance while participating in USA Triathlon-sanctioned events*
*If you have purchased a one day membership within the last year, you can apply this cost towards the purchase of an annual membership.

To apply the one day membership towards the purchase of an annual membership, send in a copy of the one day membership along with the annual membership application and payment for the remaining amount (Adult Annual Only).

Membership Discounts

Check out the discounts offered to USA Triathlon annual members on the membership discount overview page. If you're already a member, access the discount codes by logging into your membership account and clicking the member discounts button. 

Learn more about USA Triathlon, the National Governing Body for the sport of triathlon, and different parts of multi-sport in this section. 

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